TiE Tampa Bay Angels Group


TIE Tampa Bay is proud to be a member chapter of the TIE Global Angels (TGA). TGA is a global platform for TIE Charter Members worldwide to invest in start-ups.  It supports TiE’s mission of fostering entrepreneurship by providing entrepreneurs a source of funding that also brings with it the power of TiE’s global network and offerings. TGA provides entrepreneurs a gateway to access investments from entrepreneurs across the world with minimal effort.


10 Years of Investing in Startups

TIE Tampa Bay has invested over $4M in over 30 startups over its 10-year history through a combination of the TIE Tampa Bay Angel Fund (TTBAF), TIE Florida Angels Network (TIEFAN), and TIE Access Program.


About TIE Tampa Bay 

TIE Tampa Bay is committed to investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs by championing the people and ideas with the greatest growth potential. With a strong belief in creating access and opportunity for underrepresented entrepreneurs of all ages, TIE Tampa Bay has invested in over 30 startups over its 10-year history.


TIE Global is the world’s largest nonprofit organization for entrepreneurs, with 61 chapters across 14 countries and 15,000+ members. As one of its fastest-growing chapters, TIE Tampa Bay has been recognized for programming excellence, currently holding the title for the world's best TIE University program.


If you are interested in learning more about our global network of founders, executives and community thought leaders, visit tampa.tie.org.